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          About us

          With a hundred other places to shop for your Green Products— either online, in Supermarkets, or at smaller brick and mortar stores, why do business with CrunchTime? The reasons are as diverse as Earth’s ecosystems. For starters:

          • We Offer Only What You Need - Our Thrifty Fifty™ Green Products are a carefully chosen selection of mostly consumable Brand Name products that you use in your home every week, if not every day. Things like paper towel, bathroom tissue, dish detergent, laundry detergent, various personal care products, a few energy and water conservation products, and so much more. Brand Names like: ECOs®, Seventh Generation®, Natural Value®, If You Care®, Burt’s Bees®, Toms of Maine®, and Technical Consumer Products®

            ECOS"/ Seventh_Generation Natural_Value IF_YOU_CARE Burts_Bees Toms_of_Maine Technical_Consumer_Products


          • Value Pricing - We skip the middle man and buy directly from the product manufacturers so your $avings really add up.

            savings_add_up But on top of our already low prices CrunchTime adds value through:


          • Support to Someone in Your Community - CrunchTime is not a Multilevel Marketing Company. But we do sell a large and increasing amount of our products through our growing list of Distributors; many of whom are stay-at-home Moms concerned about the future condition of the planet that their children will inherit. There’s a good chance you’ll Find a Distributor
          • right in your own neighborhood that you can buy our products from, right now—at the exact same price listed at our website. That way you help support them instead of some large corporation beholden only to their stockholders.


          • CrunchTime's extensive collection of FREE resources - Information you can actually use; including:
          • - Our comprehensive GreenInfocommentaries;
          • - Our Interactive Green Forum;
          • - Our blog: MotherEarthsBlog.com.


          Additionally, you can sign up to have our Green Tip of the Day delivered to your Inbox each morning before your coffee is brewed.
          Or have our monthly Newsletter mailed to your home each month. It's jam-packed with interesting information as well as discount offers not found anywhere else. They all provide you with plenty of timely information to help make you a better steward of Planet Earth—the only home we will ever know

          And the reason we do all this—and this is key to our mission—is that our overriding objective is to provide the latest information about the state of the environment and get Earth-friendly, planet pleasing, eco-restoring Green Products in to the hands of as many people as is humanly possible. The more people who use Earth-friendly products, the less harm we do to the environment and the sooner our ecosystems are able to be restore themselves. It’s that simple. To help facilitate that, we're building a community of like-minded people committed to protecting and preserving Mother Earth and her finite natural resources. Speaking of communities:

          • Committed To the Environment Since 1986 - The other reason to do business with CrunchTime is our founder, Carey S. Buttfield         (careyb@CrunchTime.me; @CrunchTimeCarey), has been involved in helping to protect the environment—your environment, since he began unloading recyclables from cars at the Watertown, MA drop off center in the spring of 1986. A lot of you reading this weren't even born yet! In addition to his three years of volunteer work in Watertown – (and you can learn more about his interesting life that began on the Jersey Shore at Carey’s Bio) – here’s a snapshot of the various environmental, conservation, and educational organizations Carey has been or is still involved with:
          • Boston Recycling Coalition - Charter Member, Treasurer, and later Co-Chair of this grassroots organization responsible for bringing online New England's largest curbside recycling program;
          • Mayor's Recycling Advisory Committee - Steering Committee Member and Liaison between the Boston Recycling Coalition and the Mayor’s Office;
          • Boston Recycling Coalition Block Captain Program - Block Captain Coordinator for the Allston/Brighton district of Boston;
          • Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) - Exhibit Hall Coordinator, Treasurer, and then President of the state chapter for the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). It seems like a no-brainer today, but in 1997 Carey began the process of creating the first MEES website. He also had the idea of creating an online database of age-appropriate Environmental Education curricula that teachers could freely use and share;
          • Massachusetts Association of Science Teacher (MAST) – lead liaison between MEES and MAST in an effort to demonstrate the life-enhancing skills students would learn as a result of having more Environmental Education being taught in Massachusetts' science classrooms;
          • Secretary's Advisory Group for Energy and Environmental Education (SAGEEE) – Steering Committee Member for this Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs' organization focused on expanding the benchmarks for environmental literacy in Massachusetts public schools;
          • Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) – Lead author for updating and expanding what had been this 16-page publication to a comprehensive 60-page publication: 'Environmental Education in Massachusetts - A Resource Guide';
          • North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) – Conference Steering Committee Member and Exhibit Hall Coordinator for the annual conference - Boston, MA 2002;
          • New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) – Member and MEES Board Representative;
          • MassPIRG - Steering Committee Member for several ballot initiatives, including Updating the Bottle Bill. Carey was also hand-picked by MassPIRG's Solid Waste Program Director to fill her role while she was on maternity leave, where he worked on a number of key issues to reduce solid waste statewide, as well as present testimony at the Massachusetts State House to petition the Department of Environmental Protection to submit a long-awaited Master Plan for dealing with the Commonwealth’s burgeoning landfills;
          • Natick Sustainability Committee – Appointed by Natick’s Board of Selectmen, the Committee’s focus is to work cooperatively with Natick’s various town departments to reduce Natick’s carbon footprint and make Natick a more sustainable community to live, work, and play in;
          • Renewable Natick – Planning Group Member for this grassroots organization. In eight short months the group drafted and heavily promoted a Resolution to get the Town to commit to 100% renewable energy and generate net zero emissions;
          • Natick Earth Day Committee – Steering Committee Member. Carey helped to revive this annual event that now draws upwards of 1,000 visitors for its 60+ vendors and hours of live entertainment;
          • Keep Natick Beautiful – Treasurer for this local affiliate of Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, which in turn is the state chapter of Keep America Beautiful;
          • 350 Mass - Member of this State Chapter of celebrated Climate Change advocate Bill McKibben's national organization, 350.org;
          • 2014 People's Climate March - Along with 400,000 fellow environmentalists and concerned citizens, Carey took part in this celebrated march through the streets of Manhattan to bring attention to the climate crisis as world leaders convened at the United Nations to discuss Climate Change. This massive show of solidarity was instrumental in the Senate rejecting the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline;
          • 2017 People's Climate March - Joined 200,000 other concerned environmentalists and delivered a strong message to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on a stifling hot Washington D.C. day;
          • Stop the Pipeline Tax, a consortium of grassroots organizations, which through peaceful civil disobedience and various marches and rallies, successfully defeated a State bill to fund the $3B expansion of a pipeline for fracked natural gas from Pennsylvania;
          • Massachusetts Envirothon – Contest Judge for seven straight years;
          • Green Newton – Member and Volunteer;
          • The Work That Reconnects - Member of the Natick, MA chapter;
          • Round-up for the Rainforest – Treasurer for this innovative organization that solicited donations to be used as grants for tropical rain forest conservation projects which supported woman's efforts that were deemed sustainable beyond the initial grant; and
          • Earth Day Boston – Helped spearhead an effort that took inner city kids, and through a unique partnership between the Franklin Park Zoo, the Dorchester Boys & Girls Club, and First Night Boston, educated them about tropical wildlife at the zoo’s Tropical Forest exhibit, helped them create costumes depicting that wildlife before we marched in Boston’s celebrated First Night parade.
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